The world Organization of UNO

The word is organization comes from the Greek word organon. An Organization is known as a Company, an Institution, or an association with having a specific purpose. There are many kinds of organizations such as Corporations, Governments, Non-Government, Political, International, partnerships, educational institutions, non-profit-Corporation. The organization also operates secretly or illegally.

The world Organization of UNO

The United Nations Organization (UNO)

The UNO is an International Organization established in 1945. After the second world war by the agreement of approximately 51 countries for upholding global peace and security. This is the second world’s largest and most familiar international organization. That develops a good relationship between Nations. The united nation works on protecting human rights, humanization, international law, and Sustainable development.

The organization has been divided into 6 categories

1. General Assembly

2. Security Council

3. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

4. Trusteeship Council

5. The International Court of Justice

6. The UN Secretariat

The United Nations Organization, Its Agencies, and Officers have won several Nobel Peace Prizes, though different evaluations of its efficacy have been mixed.

United Nation General Assembly (UNGA)

This is an organ of UNO completing the main approach for the organization. That provides a different medium for multilateral discussion of the full spectrum of International Issues. Like, Assumes the Budget.

United Nation Security Council (UNSC)

The Security Council is responsible for the maintenance of Security and Global Peace. It has five permanent members with Veto Power China, France, Russia, The United States, and The United Kingdom. And 10 have elected members.

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

This UN organ focuses on Co-Operation b/w states as obeys economic and Social Issues. It has 54 members, who were selected by the General Assembly to Perform Reeled three Year commissions.

United Nation Secretariat

This is another organ of the UN. That focuses on Administratively, noting Reports, or Trial budgets.  Its chairman the United Nations Secretary-General is selected by the General Assembly for a five-year appointment.

United Nation Trusteeship Council

This organ of the UN works on managing colonial guardianship that was a one-time League of Nations commission.

International Court of Justice

The United nation international Court of Justice is also understood as World Court that, works on the legal opinions of b/w Countries.