The Universe and Our solar system

The Universe

What is The Universe

It is everything that includes space, all the matter, and energy, And even the universe contains time itself and absolutely you and me.


The space holds or includes beyond the top of Earth’s Atmosphere. Such as Black Holes, Milky Way, Distant Quasars, The moon, The Stars, GPS Satellites orbit.


WE can say that is a boundless three-dimensional Volume to which things and circumstances have relative position and orientation.


It is three types of Matter

  • Normal Matter
  • Dark Matter
  • Dark Energy

Normal Matter

It Contains Stars, Planets, Human Beings, and any kind of visible thing in The Universe.  

Dark Matter

It is a Theoretical form of matter considered to account for around 85% of the matter in the universe.

Dark Energy

It is an untitled form of energy that concerns the Universe on the largest rankings.


Concept of Time: (According to the overall cosmological representative of the BIG BANG Theory, Time Itself Formed as the amount of the entire Universe about 13.8 billion years ago).


It is the progress of anything from the past to the present into the future.

Our Solar System

This is the group of eight planets and their moons in trajectory around the sun.

It began approximately 4.6 billion years ago for the reason of the Gravitational Collapse of a massive interstellar molecular cloud. 

We have eight Solar Planets that divided into two categories

  1. Inner Solar Planets
  2. Outer Solar Planets

Inner Solar Planets

  1. Mercury
  2. Venus
  3. Earth
  4. Mars

Outer Solar Planets

  1. Jupiter
  2. Saturn
  3. Uranus
  4. Neptune

If we write them in order of distance from Sun then Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.


 It is smaller than other solar planets. Mercury is a little bigger than Earth’s Moon. That is a close planet to the Sun but it is not the hottest.


Venus is the most burning planet in our Solar System. That is the closest planet to the Earth and 2nd planet from the Sun.


It is the 5th largest planet in the Solar System in terms of size and mass. Earth’s near-surface atmospheres are the only zones in the Universe understood to sanctuary life.


It is the 4th planet distance from the sun. Mars is a Dusty, Cold, Deserty, and very thin Atmosphere.


It is the Largest Planet in our Solar System. It the more than twice as massive as all the further planets merged.


Saturn Solar planet is the second-largest planet and the sixth planet distance from the sun.


It is the 3rd largest planet in our solar system and the 7th distance from the sun.


It is the 4th distance from the sun and 17 times the mass of earth, Slightly, more massive. It is also called The Roman God of the Sea.

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