History of Radio in Pakistan

What is Radio?

It is a medium of communication through radio waves. That Normally transmits news, music, and other types of programs from a single radio.

The purpose of Radio

The purpose of Radio is to communicate info from one place to another place through the media without wires.

How Radio Works

It works as sending and receiving electromagnetic waves. Radio’s signal is an electronic current moving back and forth very quickly.

It has a very incredible history of Radio in Pakistan.

History of Radio in Pakistan

Pakistan Radio was Originally known as the Pakistan broadcasting service. That was a great Time when the honor of publicly announcing Pakistan’s Independence from Britain on 13th August 1947 at the time of 11:59 PM. A person Called Mustafa Ali Hamdani, who announce in English and Urdu from Lahore, and Abdullah Jan Maghmoom Announced Pashto from Peshawar.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was a President and Later Prime minister of Pakistan. In 2973, He Signed the Law that Regulates (PBC) Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation as Publish, Circulate, Distribute, and Regulate. And that provides news and information in any part of the world.

Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation

Broadcast Corporation is the type of Company or Institution that manages TV or Radio stations.

Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation is known as Voice of Pakistan. Pakistan Broadcast started as a Radio Pakistan but 20th December in 1972.

Radio Service in Pakistan

It covers Radio Pakistan and Television operations Pakistan TV, Corporation includes PTV Bolan, PTV Global, PTV Home, PTV Sports, and PTV World. The PBC also Operates TV Services for Azad Jammu & Kashmir under AJK TV.

Rising of Radio in Pakistan

Pakistani radio service was founded on 21st April 1973. Radio Pakistan has been Started FM Transmission in 1998. (Frequency Modulation), New FM radio Stations are presented in many different cities of Pakistan like Mithi, Kohat, Sargodha, Islamabad, Gwadar, Mianwali, and Bannu.

Radio Pakistan broadcasting is in 34 different languages Such as

  1. Sindhi
  2. Balochi
  3. Urdu
  4. Punjabi
  5. Seraiki
  6. Potowari
  7. Pashto
  8. Hindko
  9. Kohistani
  10. Khowar
  11. Turkish
  12. Arabic
  13. Bengali
  14. Nepali
  15. Tamil
  16. Hindi
  17. English
  18. Brahvi
  19. Hazari
  20. Wakhi
  21. Balti
  22. Burushaski
  23. Gojri
  24. Kashmiri
  25. Shina
  26. Gojri
  27. Wakhi
  28. Dari
  29. Persian
  30. Chinese
  31. Russian
  32. Gujarati
  33. Sinhala

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